This Spring’s biggest trend is 50’s style neck ties. I’ve always been a big fan of the classic style of the 50’s. I love seeing touches of it on modern runways and in day to day life. Whether you’re flipping through Vogue or catch a T.V. show with all of the biggest celebrities, you’re bound to see someone sporting a 50’s style outfit paired along with a dainty, feminine neck tie. I’ve noticed a lot of stylist have been pairing the neck tie with another one of this Spring’s hottest trend, off the shoulder blouses and dresses. The combination gives us a sense of romance, femininity, and classic adventure. I’m styling my chiffon 50’s style neck tie in a way reminiscent to Sandy at the end of Grease. I paired together a beautiful rosy crop top from Motel Rocks with a leather skirt, sexy lace up heels, and matching silver accessories to complete this look. 50's style neck tie50's style neck tie 50's style neck tie 50's style neck tie 50's style neck tie50's style neck tie 50's style neck tie 50's style neck tie50's style neck tie


What I’m Wearing: Cat Eye Sunglasses- Tom Ford (Similar) | 50’s style neck tie – Thrift | Floral Lace Up Crop Top- Motel Rocks (Similar) | Faux Leather Mini Skirt- (Similar) | Silver Hoop Earrings- Macy’s |Lace Up High Heels- ASOS

Photos by: Jake Tovar @motvd



This is my first shoot with a fellow college student and aspiring photographer in town, Jake Tovar. He is really talented and a joy to work with. I appreciated him actually having an idea of what he wanted me to do and poses to suggest. We were really good at working together to create a story through photography and fashion. I definitely love his editorial approach to editing photos and the unique angles he is able to capture. We’re planning to team up again to create another inspiring photo set, so I hope that you all loved this one! There is always much more to come 🙂

I turned 22 yesterday, May 21 <3 Birthdays and the end of the year are always times of self reflection, and I must say that I am really happy with where my life is headed. A lot of it is all thanks to my amazing readers and the years of support. Thank you. You all have made me a better person and so much more inspired by the world.




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