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I’ve noticed that as a fashion blogger, I’ve become more and more conscious of how I look. I feel pressured to present myself at my best always, because I never know where my photos will end up. I’ve seen complete strangers posting them on Tumblr, I don’t mind, but it makes me more conscious of the fact that everything I release to the internet is in the internet’s hands and I control the feed of what people see of me, and therefore how they perceive me as a person. It’s easy to control how people see you on the internet through pictures, and give them the idea that that’s what you look like on a daily basis. That I always have long curly golden brown hair and an indifferent expression. Truth is, if any one of my fans and followers were to see me in person they might not immediately recognize me! I have hair that only goes to my mid chest(nice way to say nipples), and am a fun loving person, who is always making jokes, and I’m extremely short!
Really, what brought this on was when I looked at the last photo and thought to myself, ‘Oh no, I look short!!!’ But then I thought, ‘Why do I care, I am short!’ Being a fashion blogger and having to be aesthetically pleasing, I’ve concerned myself with looking a height that I’m not, because being tall in much more pleasing to the eye! Having longer hair is more pleasing to the eye! Looking indifferent all the time has that ‘cool’ factor that excites people!

I don’t want this to confuse you all, that I am ‘fakey’. I’m not, being able to manipulate exactly how you want to look is all part of the fun of the internet. I do dress like this everyday. But with the internet I can look much cooler than I feel I guess haha, and it’s just influenced me to adjust certain features I have to be more pleasing to people aesthetically.

Well, anyway, that’s my blog rant.
I’ve made a Formspring, feel free to pick my mind. Be aware that I’ll only answer QUESTIONS. I’ll read your comments, but I’m not going to reply to them.

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