Headband, Knee High Socks, Black Boots- Forever21.com
Tunic Dress, Parka- Romwe.com
Sunglasses- Giantvintage.com
Wire Dreamcatcher Necklace- artwear-designs.com/
Hey everyone!
Sorry I didn’t get many good shots of this outfit, it was really cold outside and deep down I just wanted to run back inside to the comfort and warmth of my room. I wanted this outfit to look really contrasted, boho but winter appropriate, and I always love working with black and white. The parka I’m wearing also comes with such soft and warm white faux fur lining. I love love love it! It was just too bulky looking for this outfit, so I unattached it, but I’ll def have to share it with y’all sometime.
I’m hoping to have my blog redesigned how I have it imagined by the end of the month, so you guys will be seeing changes happening to this website. I’m excited!
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