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Hello friends!

It’s well into September and this is my first post, ah! But, I have lots of really cool looks lined up for these next few days, promise 🙂 I’m really into this t-shirt because Led Zeppelin is so epic. I never use the word epic, but in the case of Zeppelin, yes.  The painting on the front is from one of their albums, a painting originally called Swan Song. I just love how vivid and great the artwork on my t-shirt is. Life has been better than ever, yet super stressful. My music appreciation class has been pretty amazing. Mrs. Moore, told us today that the main source of our stress is having too many choices. I had heard this before, but you know how you forget these obvious genius facts/words of wisdom until you’re reminded again? Well, that’s what happened! It made me think about how I have been enjoying life but I’ve just had so many choices to make that it’s too overwhelming.  So I am trying to minimize in every way! Cleaning out my room of unnecessary things, getting rid of lousy relationships, saving up money so I’m not so stressed, and the list goes on. Having less choice, and more of a routine is way healthier for everyone’s everyday life 🙂


How have you all been? How is school? Any thoughts? 🙂



 What I am Wearing: Led Zeppelin T-Shirt- beltsbucklestees.com Red Skinny Jeans- Forever21.com Belt- Vintage, Leopard Hellbounds- UNIF

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