Dress- Foreign Exchange
Nail polish- Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish in Golden Conduct
Boots- Target

Hello Everyone!
I have to discuss the above painting! A wonderful girl named Mara did this fan art of my look below it!!! It looks perfect, I am soooo in love with it and beyond flattered 🙂 It made my eyes well up with tears, that’s how much I appreciated it♥ I put her link below the painting so if you all want you can follow her on tumblr, she has REAL talent.
Sally Hanson had really loved the past look I did for them with Lookbook, so they asked me to do another, I was very flattered 🙂 I really do recommend anyone who is lazy like me to purchase this nail polish, it is extremely simple and quick to put on. Takes me less than 3 min for each hand, but the results look as if they took me many minutes of tedious laborous work!
More on the look I decided to base it around Winnie the Pooh. This books always been in my house and it’s really old and weathered and beautiful, I thought it’d make the perfect prop for an outfit with boots that look like they could survive a storm like Pooh and his friends did :3 I always really liked that movie as a kid, especially Eyeore’s overly pessimistic ass. I can relate to him a bit on that sadly. 

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