Beret- Vans
Belt- Mink Pink c/o

Hey gals & guys!
I just can’t stop wearing this cute little wool beret I bought in Chicago since cutting all of my hair off. It just gives me this frenchy, cute, sexy vibe to every outfit. Today I am wearing this totally kick-ass dress courtesy of Lucca Couture, as I am there ‘Blogger of the Month’. Woo! You all will be seeing me busting out tons of cute outfits from their fall collection they sent me. And, I really want to stress this, I am VERY impressed with the quality of the clothing. Everything I received feels high end and durable like it will last for years. Long enough to perhaps pass on to my future daughter! So, I really encourage you guys to all take a look at their new fall collection because it is has tons of really adorable & edgy pieces. This dress is one of my favorite pieces! It’s feminine and punk-ish. I also think it is neat that they made the dark houndstooth print a navy instead of black so that it keeps it a bit more light hearted.
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed!♥
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you get 10 euro off for spending a minimum of 35 euro! Valid till September 2nd.
Love y’all

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