socks- Payless




blue necklace-
shirt- http;//


sunglasses- 80spurple


Skirt- F21


Hello everyone!!!
I went to the river yesterday with my brother, dad, and CoCo. The scenery is so beautiful there so I had to take photos for you all 🙂 I actually may take more today in a similar location.
I FINALLY GOT A PAIR OF BOOTS!!! And decided the first day having them to wear them in this extremely dirty and rocky area to give them some more character.  I have been wanting some so badly, I’ve never had a pair before and I am beyond satisfied! I love the little buckle on them, and they look great with scrunchy socks. I’m probably going to wear these in so many looks that you guys are going to get sick of them! Overall, I went for a typical safe grungey look of mine and titled the look a typical grungey song. Oh well! I really hope you guys have a great Sunday!
Me and my brother/photographer haha!


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