I was feeling more goth this day. I love my dollar store sunglasses. I think that all of the white in this outfit looks really nice, mostly all thrifted.
And RedRabbit is a beauty♥

Tell me what you think, ask me any questions♥
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  • amazing look!KISSES FROM Italy

  • G-g-g-gorgeous. This makes me want a bunny so badly. I’ve never had one that big and happy looking ^.^

  • Folowin u bck kendall:)

  • you look amazing, dear:) I love your lipstick!! and the rabbit is so cute:))
    and I have one question: Where do you exactly in California live?:)) I really love this part of USA especially from the O.C. 😀 I wanna visit Cali one day:))

  • Aw thank you so much love♥
    I live in the southern part of California!

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  • you look amazing,dear ;)I love your lipstick!!!