Leggings- HERE
Shoes- Thrift


Blue necklace- billabong
Shirt- thrift
Hat- http://romwe.com
My mom got me this really weird ombre tank top last winter and I’ve never been able to figure out a way to wear it, then I got these leggings in the mail yesterday, and POW!~ Match made in heaven?<3 Thank goodness neither of these items have a mouth, otherwise they’d be making out and in LOVE!!!
So yeah, I’ve been imagining myself as a ‘club kid’ lately, running around with my midriff showing. I don’t know what else to call this style. Downtown appropriate perhaps? Even then, where I live, this outfit is appropriate NO WHERE. I actually wore this to the mall and it was the most ridicule I had ever received in such a short amount of time in my whole life! Jerks. Apparently they don’t know how to appreciate my crushed velvet boots which I am completely enamored with. Them and their ineffable beauty…
I graduate from high school at 8 o’ clock today!
Wish me luck B]

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