Dress- http://sugarlipsapparel.com
Necklaces- http://romwe.com
Cam and me!
He even has his ‘Canvas Owl’ tattooed on his leg, check it out in the video at the bottom 🙂

Hey everyone!
My friend Cameron started up this really inspiring brand a few months ago called Canvas Wear. As you can see above he is a beautiful artist and has serious talent. It’s always nice to find someone interested in the arts in the town I live in. I really respect people like Cameron who take the incentive to do what they really want and go running with it.
I would explain the meaning of Canvas Wear but nothing explains it better than the YouTube video below that he made. The video is amazing quality and it even shows him getting the Canvas Wear owl tattooed on his own leg. It’s really inspiring. More people need to be open minded, which is a great message to send out to everyone. Creativity is amazing in any way shape or form.

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Owl shirt- http://canvaswear.bigcartel.com/
Long turquoise necklace and slave bracelet- http://www.etsy.com/people/captiv2012
Rest is vintage/gifts



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