I was really pleased to receive these items in the mail from Crash and Burn Apparel last Thursday! Their brand is really lovely with a lot of edgy clothing straight from LA!
They’re having a great Valentine’s special to receive a free teddy bear if you order before the 14th and free shipping on all orders over 100$! 🙂
I normally don’t like wearing bracelets because of my small wrists and I feel like they get in the way, but I’ve actually been wearing this a lot since I got it! It’s very lightweight and comfy.

This bracelet is great, it’s leather with wrods imprinted into it and is made to wrap around the wrist mulitple times. I also think it makes for a great necklace!

This jacket is AMAZING. It fits so well and the color is gorgeous. It has a great effect that makes it appear wrinkly but really it’s not! 🙂 I’ve never been so pleased by any other jacket in my life! I’ve been wearing it none stop for the past two days. The bottom half is also made out of a stretchy material. You can purchase it HERE

It has very edgy cute diagonal zippers across the abdomen and breasts!

The zipper extends straight from the middle all the way up to the collar 🙂

This shirt is so great for the warmer seasons as just an interesting bat wing T-shirt, and really awesome for a great lightweight shirt for underneath jackets during winter. You can buy it HERE

I just ADORE the print on this shirt. The wolf is so darn cute, and the American flag is always catchy!

“This wild heart can’t be broken”
I highly suggest you guys check this store out, I have quite a few items of theirs in my closet and they are all quality pieces that I am always complimented on every time I wear them<3

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