Beret- Vans
Cartoon Bag-

Hey everyone!
I got a new haircut, I felt like I really needed the change. Even though I love long hair I just felt like it was boring. It was also nice to cut off all of my fried ends from dying and bleaching my hair so much, a fresh start!!! So, I made this super cute girly black and white outfit based around the adorable bag I received from Jump From Paper. It’s such an awesome bag because it appears to be flat, but in fact is 3d. There is a panel in the bottom of the bag to create more room if it’s needed, it’s like a cool, creative, quirky little clutch! I love to have any interesting item to add to an outfit and I find that bags are a great way to do this. There are just so many cute and funny bags out nowadays that you can use to really add some kick to an otherwise boring outfit 🙂
Love y’all!

The winners of the Romwe giveaway are:
Aurelie Red

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered!

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