I know I have not posted for awhile, but I have been busy with tons of AP homework! 🙁 But I am back after a 100$ shopping spree to Forever21 this weekend (: I did not go black friday shopping but I did get some good after sales!
I bought this really pretty white lace dress at Forever21! It is so comfy and just fits so loose, it’s a great piece for a bohemian style which I plan to do with it, but it’s just been so darn foggy and gloomy everyday. So, I feel the need to grunge everything up.
I also got the nude tights and socks from forever21 for a total of 10$! The dress was about 25$.
This is my Lady GaGa vest but just the front of it, and it has some really neat buttons from my parents that I really love! Who can resist Billy Idol, Def Leopard, and Judas Priest?
Well, I hope you guys all enjoy this! And had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Tell me, did you get any good black friday sales? I’m interested to hear!!!

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