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What I’m Wearing: Turquoise Headband- Gift from Mom | Creme Lipstain ‘Always Red’- Sephora Collection | Lace Lingerie Top- Romwe | Boho Open Shawl- Romwe | Fringe Skirt- Hot Heart Couture | Western Starlet Heels- TUK Shoes

It’s been getting warmer these days so I have been wearing less and less, which I am completely fine with. I decided to incorporate lingerie into today’s outfit. To keep the look from looking cheap or over the top, I paired the lingerie top with an elegant fringe skirt and bohemian cape. Overall the outfit is pretty simple and keeps it’s focus on feminine springtime beauty.

I took these with my boyfriend behind his apartment on the first day of Spring! We had just woken up from a siesta, watched some funny videos online, and then decided it was time to get some sunlight before the day was over. We walked around to find beautiful and multicolored roses right behind his apartment. It was a relaxing evening.


Kendall xoxo


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