Necklace- F21
Tank/vest- vintage
Shorts- Wal-mart/diy

 Hello everyone!
Today I am wearing a casual outfit. I got this vintage shirt from my grandma neighbor across the street, she is pretty cool and sweet for giving it to me :3 The shorts I made myself. They were just a pair of old Wal-Mart leggings in my room, so I cut them above the knee and just put slits in them, they’re really cool actually! Totally suggest trying the same thing if you have any old hated leggings lying around.
So, I added some blonde to my hair, and then I also thought it would be a great idea to bleach the part in my hair and dye it blue. I don’t think it was such a great idea… but that’s ok! Live and learn! Although I am thinking of dying the bottom section of my hair that blue color… hmmm should I?


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