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What I’m Wearing: | Black Felt Fedora- ShopBop | Sunglasses- Tevin Vincent | Ragged Cream Jacket- Little Mistress | Blush Pink Kitten Heels- Little Mistress |


I had Eva Gabor on the mind while putting this outfit together. Little Mistress was kind enough to send me this beautiful pair of blush pink kitten heels I have been swooning over. They are meant for the bedroom, but they exude such glamour puss goodness I decided a clean washed out outfit would suit them best. Although, they would look great with nothing but a gorgeous sheer robe and nothing more.

I really enjoyed watching Green Acres growing up. I have lived in a small town all of my life, influenced a lot by the Dust Bowl, and I have to say that I found some comfort in the small simple life captured in the world of Green Acres. Eva Gabor definitely resonates with me. She is such a diva who looks ridiculously fabulous at all times in such a small town that is anything BUT fabulous. I can respect a bitch who can walk fluffy heeled throughout a conservative town and still be a down to earth sweetheart who will always be herself. True blue baby.


Kendall xoxo

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