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Hello Friends,

I got to participate in the Exuviance Performance Peel challenge! I first used the Step 1 Activator pad all over my clean dry face, excluding sensitive areas. I left the mask on for 10 minutes and experienced little to almost no burning, only the sensation of face tightening. Afterward, I use the Step 2 Neutralizer Pad everywhere that the mask was applied.  Next, I mixed a bit of the evening moisturizer and serum and apply to my entire face and neck. I used the Peel plus moisturizer and serum for the past week and a half three different times.  The product says that people noticed significant changes in their overall skin texture, tone, and appearance in four weeks, but even in a quarter of the time I experienced a change in texture of my skin. It feels smoother! And since I have suffered with acne I like the fact that this peel and serum help with discoloration.

Since I don’t know how to do video, I tried to use pictures to show the product as best as I could 🙂 The last photo is a makeupless Kendall to show my skin texture and appearance.

For more information on this product: http://www.neostrata.com/product/exuviance+illumination+duo.do


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