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Hello Friends,

Today’s outfit is winter minimal with a pop of powder blue and denim. To keep this outfit from falling flat I added elevated accessories like my statement choker and boho lace-up booties. I decided to keep a casual focus with these dark wash Standards & Practices skinny jeans. These are my favorite skinny jeans ever because of the quality and perfect fit. They look amazing on any body type and are super stretchy. Lastly, I went with a striped turtleneck because a pattern was necessary.

The glasses are a pair gifted to me by Woodzee. They are made from beech wood and buffalo horn. I love them because they are unique! ♥

Love you all♥


What I am Wearing: Hat, Statement choker, Striped turtleneck, Boho Booties- Forever21.com Buffalo Horn Glasses-Woodzee.com Powder Blue Peacoat- elitefashion99.co.uk S&P Skinny Jeans-standardsandpractices.net

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