News about planned changes to this blog 🙂
So, I have decided that I am going to change things up around here… from now on I’ll be posting at least twice a day about everything fashion! Hopefully someone takes the time to read it all haha. I’m really hoping to expand the popularity of my blog since it is REALLY behind when compared to my Lookbook that has almost 3,500 fans 😛 These are some things I plan to do:
  • I’m going to blog more about topics I think of throughout the day, many fashion base.
  • I am really excited to start featuring some of the most fashionable people that catch my eye! I plan to interview at least two people a week which will be published every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Going more in depth with the details of my outfits.
  • Showing what lipstick I am using in each look, I’m not going to become a beauty blogger but everyone asks what lipstick I’m wearing so frequently! Haha!
  • Also, a very far away future plan is to start doing YouTube videos! I have to wait until I get an actual camera though D: My phone will not do for that kind of thing, much too difficult… but who knows, I may try to do a little personal makeup tutorial with it if I get too impatient 😉
  • I want you guys to get to know me on a little more of a personal level too, so every week or so I’ll answer some of the most popular questions about me. Please leave a comment of a question you’ve been wondering about here and I’ll be sure to answer it in a later blog post!
Please read all of this^^^so you can give me your honest opinions of what you think and any requests of what you would love to see more of on my blog 🙂
Love you all!

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