I haven’t taken a lookbook photo for the past couple days so I am just going to share the little gifts I got yesterday! 🙂

Firstly! My boyfriend bought me the cutest polka dot dress as a surprise! He bought it for me to wear on our 8 month anniversary, so nice♥I plan to take a lookbook photo with it but for now I have taken a picture of the details on the chest!

My lovely friend Gabbi gifted me this cute lil’ pin! I thought it was very interesting and cute. She also has a lookbook, so you guys should check her out! http://lookbook.nu/user/1197609-Gabbi-D

Well, hopefully this inspired you guys to give someone a gift or perhaps gave you some creative ideas for this weekend♥ Check out my lookbook if you haven’t already 🙂
And what would your guys favorite gift you have gotten be!?

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