Slave bracelet+neckalce-
hat+sunglasses+brown necklace+skirt-


Hey guys!
I got a huge hual of clothes that came in yesterday, it was extremely exciting 😀 I got my really AMAZING shoes from Romwe I’ve been dreaming about, and I was SO happy when they fit purrfectly!!! Ah, I love them, I put them on a pedestal in my room, for 90$ shoes? HECK YEAH I PUT THEM ON DISPLAY! I really like this outfit because it makes me feel sorta club kiddish ;3 The yellow bandage top really pulls it all together for me, it’s a dress, but I prefer it as an awesome top.
 Anyway, I wanted to get straight to the point of my all time favorite thing I received out of everything yesterday(almost out of everything I’ve ever received!) this beautiful slave bracelet Tevin Vincent made! Ah, I’ve been salivating over these things, they’re absolutely gorgeous. And may I say the comfort of it is purely amazing, I don’t even notice it while I’m wearing it, and the metal magnetic clasp that keeps it secure it extremely reliable. It didn’t fall off once I wore it for 12+ hours yesterday, even now as I type 🙂 You can get your own HERE there are some great ones with beautiful stones.
Do not forget my two giveaways BELOW! For ROMWE and PREPJERKS 🙂
Only a few days left.

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