Hat- Thrift                                                            Deer Shirt- Dizzy Little dot

Sunglasses- http://romwe.com
Jacket- Pacsun
Long Necklace- Tevin Vincent
Shoes- Udobuy.com

Sunglasses- http://zooshoo.com
Parka- Macy’s
Flannel- Foreign Exchange
Boots- Romwe

Hey guys 😀
I’m so happy to finally introduce y’all to my photographer! MY BROTHER!!!
I finally begged him enough to do a post with me<3 so we did a matching post of course! This was really fun and I hope y’all enjoy the photos as much as I do! I styled him, because unfortunately at the time being my brother has no sense of style, he is just a boy in 8th grade! Haha Those interests have not developed yet, but I tried to make him look cool! Just a nice casual look for myself.

Our matching shirts were courtesy of http://www.dizzylittledotty.bigcartel.com/ . They’re just really cool artsy shirts and I for one APPRECIATE GOOD ART 😀

I’M SERIOUSLY SO PROUD OF THIS KID FOR HOW WELL HE DID! Look at that modely brooding stance. He already knows from looking at my pissed off looks through the lens everyday!


WELL, I hope you guys totally DIG IT.
Let me know below!

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