This is the fashion blogger from Macau, Jess. She has a personal style blog “sweet fashion sweet”. She also has a small boutique inside a shopping mall in the city that she works at as a buyer and stylist. She has really cool style that features many beautifully paired prints and color. I also really admire her use of textures and how she works with them, please read about her and give her some support! 🙂 Especially if you check out her Lookbook, you’ll be super inspired<3
You can find her using these links!
What brought you into having an interest in fashion?

It was long long time ago that I cannot remember since when i loved fashion.  When i was young i already loved watching fashion TV, fashion magazines, watching/reading about how the models presented beautiful clothes and make up.  I even joined modelling class!! haha. I think this is how i got into having an interest in fashion. 

Do you have any other artistic interests other than fashion?

I love travelling, movies, photography and dance. I still go to dance school to do ballet. I also studied playing piano for several years but now i rarely play anymore. 

Does anybody or anything inspire you to dress the way you do?

For the time before i started blogging and reading fashion blogs, i was mostly inspired by celebrities or fashion magazines. After i started following different fashion blogs and websites, I get more inspired from the bloggers and street snap shots. My favorite fashion icons and bloggers are Alexa Chung, Denni from Chicmuse, Olivia Lopez from Lust for Life, etc.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Topshop, American Apparel, vintage shops and flea market.

What are your must have favorite items of clothing?

It is really hard to tell. I think i almost wear anything and like to try new things.

If you have a blog what is it focused on?

Yes i do have a blog. It is focused on my daily outfit, shopping and lifestyle. Things I like, things I do and places I go.

What is your favorite season in regards of the clothing you get to wear?

Spring and Autumn, good time to do layering but not too cold.
Do you have any ambitions pursuing fashion? Or are you going to pursue something else?

For now, my biggest interest and ambition is doing my blog.  I like fashion, at first i take photos just for fun and to record my outfit of the days. Then i found it even more fun to share them with people who also have the same interest from all around the world, sometimes even make friends. I hope more readers will like my blog and I can get the chance to meet more people, also get more chance to collaborate with different bloggers(like you :))/shops/websites or anythings else!!!

What are your favorite accessories at the moment?

gold chocker/necklace

What is your most treasured item of clothing?

My white faux fur coat from Zara. I know some people think i look like a big white bird when i wear it but i just dont care. And also my Chanel mini chain bag I got in Paris. It is from the seasonal collection but looks very classic and also reminds me of the nice time i had in Paris 🙂

Is there anything you feel people should know about you?

I am a shy girl who is not good at expressing herself.  So that am very happy to build up my own blog – it is like a channel to present myself. I love fashion, I can’t imagine my life without it. After that I love travelling. For me, life would be boring without fashion and travel. 

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