All items gifted. Choker borrowed for the photo shoot.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with a local online boutique in town called The Karma Jungle Co. The owner, Gwen, also works as a photographer in town. It was amazing getting to work with her! She explained to me that she created this charity line as a way to give to others, while also expressing her love for fashion. This month, The Karma Jungle Co. is sponsoring Crisis Classroom. You can purchase any piece of jewelry from their Charity Line here to support quarterly charities.

Karma Jungle Co.

All Smiles

Gwen is a really talented photographer and so sweet! I love the way she treated me and she was able to get some genuine laughs out of me. Haha. It’s always nice to capture photos laughing, since a lot of fashion blogger content doesn’t always include that. 🙂 I always try to smile at people I pass in public. How about you?? ♥

Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co.

Bell-Bottom Sleeved Dress?? Yes!!!

I received this dress from Tobi last year. It’s just perfect! I would dare to say that it’s more like a tunic than a dress though because it’s so short. Opaque leggings are always a must to wear these practically. 🙂

Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co.

What I’m Wearing: Black Hat | Faux Suede Stars Choker- The Karma Jungle Co. Shop Here | Velvet Floral Dress- Tobi (sold out, but dress in same material here) | Opaque Black Tights | Thigh High Boots- Little Mistress |Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co.

Jewelry with a purpose. We help raise funds for charity.

The Karma Jungle Co.

I love how unique all of The Karma Jungle Co. pieces are. There is definitely a wide variety of chokers I haven’t seen before! I love the one that I am wearing here because of the star studs. 🙂 All things celestial have a special place in my heart. The tan color is a very beautiful neutral as well.

Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co. Karma Jungle Co.

Have a great day everyone! Try to keep others in mind. Attempt to give back a little each day, even if it’s a simple smile. 🙂

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