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Hey Everyone! I have been using these 5 Kenra Platinum Revive products for the past year and am amazingly happy with the results. It is important to have the proper hair care routine to ensure long lasting results. You can check out my most recent post about my hair color journey here. Below I will describe how I use each product and what I think of them.

Kenra Platinum Revive

Kenra Platinum Revive Complex | Leave-in Fortifier

I always apply this fortifier throughout my hair after taking a shower. It protects my hair from the heat tools I use like my blow dryer and hair straightener. This product is an essential in my routine as it maintains the health of my hair despite bleachings!

Kenra Platinum Revive

Kenra Platinum Revive Treatment | Strengthening Masque

I apply this to my hair once every two weeks. A deep conditioning treatment is always necessary to have around! I put this in my hair after shampooing, mix in Revive Oil to boost the effects, and relax for 10 minutes. This biweekly treatment helps with the dryness of my hair tremendously.

Kenra Platinum Revive

Kenra Platinum Revive Shampoo | Repair & Strengthen Shampoo

This shampoo is a silky texture! It has a buttery smell. The best part about this shampoo is that it doesn’t strip the color from your hair!

Kenra Platinum Revive

Kenra Platinum Revive Conditioner | Repair & Strengthen Conditioner

This white, creamy shampoo feels instantly hydrating when I apply it to my hair. I usually leave it on for about 2 to 3 minutes while I shave my legs or something. 🙂

Kenra Platinum Revive

Kenra Platinum Revive Oil | Intense Strengthening Oil

This oil smells like perfume. I would describe it as a sultry scent. 🙂 Like I mentioned above, I add this revive oil to my deep conditioner for a boosted moisturizing experience. My hair is naturally too oily to apply to my hair dry, although this could be perfect for other hair types!

Kenra Platinum ReviveKenra Platinum Revive

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