Hey everyone!
I’ve been grateful to have such an amazing company like T.U.K. Footwear to be sponsoring my posts with their beautiful unique shoes <3 I personally love my sponsors because I am not well off financially and yet their help allows me to bring inspiring and unique outfits to you all.
I always thought I would look strange in white pants. Seriously thinking about taking these photos was stressful! I was expecting so many awkward poses, but these AOS pants are PERFECT. They hug every inch of my body yet are versatile enough to do outlandish styles with. For example, I thought that it would be fun to wear these in a cuffed style 🙂 I went for a white and pink scheme. The shirt is a beautiful chiffon with kissy lips embroidered on. The moto jacket adds flair<3
Let your freak flag fly!

Crystal Lips Necklace- romwe.com Pink Jacket- Forever21.com  Lips Chiffon Blouse- Blackfive.com White Jeans-articlesofsociety.com Nosebleed Platform Shoe- tukshoes.com


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