1026251691727Hello Friends,

When I was working at Forever 21 as a visual merchandiser I noticed this really cute floral dress. I had to have it! This is the look that I created around the outfit. My friend David Caploe and I shot these on top of a roof top. We got in a bit of trouble for being up there *ooops!*. Right now I am just trying to find a part time job along with blogging full time to save up money and hopefully move to L.A. in the next year. In the meantime I am going to do some more schooling here and focus on really building myself up as an adult. I’ll always be a kid but I am ready to take on adult responsibilities and explore the world. I have big dreams and high hopes! I have always been a dreamer and I hope that all these fantasies get me somewhere.

Love you all,



What I am Wearing: Earrings- Candyice.com Lipstick- MAC’s Sin Choker- Forever 21 Dress- Forever 21 Boots- Forever 21

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