Lily Sweater-
Necklace- Forever21
Tights- Pacsun

Hey y’all!
This is the outfit I created using this super adorable turtleneck-esque sweatshirt Wildfox gifted me. It’s soooo comfortable. I just LOVE it. It’s so perfect for college days too, because honestly some days I just don’t want to wear a bunch of crazy uncomfortable stuff to drive half an hour to school and sit in a computer class for 3 hours haha! It’s super cute and comfy, it’s very versatile because I can already imagine wearing this tucked into high waisted denim shorts, leather leggings, and jeans! All sorts of goodness!!!
This is a look I would not wear casually during the day where I live. Ever. But for the sake of fashion blogging and creating a fun outfit, I love it and it’s super fun! These hooker boots prove difficult to style into looks without looking TOO ‘hooker’, they’re super awesome though, and I just may use them for Halloween! I hope y’all enjoy the photos and my outfit and maybe feel a little inspired to do your own thang! 🙂 Have a great weekend!
Love ya’s!

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