Motorcycle jacket-
Fork cuff- DIY
Sneakers- F21

Hey y’all!!!
So, these photos are well over due! Look at my hair, it’s still a beautiful silver in these photos… sadly now, it has faded to it’s ugly yellowy blonde self 🙁 I need another bleaching! But hey, here I am! I’m showing y’all my photos I took from about 2 months ago.
I based this whole outfit around the white faux leather skirt I was sent by the lovely! It really inspired me to make this all over white outfit, I’ve never worn all white! And I can’t say I’ve ever been more happy with an outfit! I thought it was a really nice touch how my sneakers and shirt tied in with each other in regards to their floral scheme. But even with the multi-colored floral patterns, the outfit still looks chic and very clean. I wish I could say I’ve gotten more use out of these sneakers since I purchased them two months ago, but sadly, I’ve only worn them like three times, man 🙁 BUT I JUST LOVE EM WHEN I DO WEAR EM!!! Generally, I’ve been strongly against the whole sneaker wedge stuff, but when I saw these at F21 I flipped. I’d never seen a pair so different! They’re usually always solid colors like black, white, and red. I thought these were definitely worth the 30-40 bucks I paid.
Also, I’m not huge on calling myself ‘pretty’ blahblahblah. But, I have to say, these are some of the most awesome photos I’ve ever seen of myself. I think I just have my outfit, hair, and makeup on point for this shoot. And I feel like I look really very pretty! It’s like I have some Jessica from shit goin’ on here, that chick is always looking perfect from head to toe and is just amazingly gorgeous! Alas, I’ll never be that perfectly fancy *tears*
Hope you guys really enjoyed this post and the millions of pictures that went along with it!!!

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