LiYuan (Or LY for short) is from Singapore. She will be turning 19 this year and is a student majoring in graphic design from one of the local art school in Singapore, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. 
You can find her blog at: 
-What brought you into having an interest in fashion?

I would say, accidentally? I stumbled upon , which is my very first style blog I follow. I started to looking out more and eventually found platforms for people to share their styles like and chictopia and more style bloggers from all over the world. Sites like tumblr, and other blogs also started to inspire me.

-Does anybody or anything inspire you to dress the way you do?
Almost anybody and anything actually. It could be a current trend, a past trend, or not even a trend at all. It’s not fixed therefore I can’t really pinpoint who/what/where I get all my inspirations from. It can come from anything random, online and offline.

-Where are your favorite places to shop?

Topshop, though its slightly pricy for me. Currently loving a certain charity store. Singapore Online shop, If I could, I would love to do international online shopping more, stores like tunnel vision, thecobrashop, and places like etsy.
-What are your must have favorite items of clothing?

Boots! Definitely. I can live in denim shorts, and oversized jackets, shirts and Tops.

-What are your favorite accessories at the moment?

Probably my beanie, as I’m wearing it everywhere I go now. My love for accessories died recently. I just don’t have the habit of wearing them nowadays, especially always being late for class. But I always treasure my rings more than any other.

-What is your most treasured item of clothing?

This is reaaally hard. Probably my margarita stone cold fox shorts, which was surprised to me recently by my boyfriend, as its something out of our budget but he still gets it for me. I really really love the colours and the design on it.

-What is your favorite season in regards of the clothing you get to wear?

In Singapore here, we don’t get four seasons and its really a hot over here. So probably summer would be the best choice. Probably autumn too.
-Your blog, what is it focused on?
My style and probably in the future , I would love to share my designs once in a while too.

-Do you have any other artistic interests other than fashion?

Yes. I’m an art student major in graphic design and I’ve always love art, since the day I started drawing during my childhood days. My interest for art never change as I grew older and I’m actually very happy to be able to develop this area as a life goal, pursuing it as a carrer in the future.

-Do you have any ambitions pursuing fashion? Or are you going to pursue something else?

I would love to work as a freelance desginer, in graphic designing or illustration, as my final goal in my carrer, but would like to try working for a fashion magazine company as well, probably a local one. I would LOVE to try out being a stylist, but its more of an interest instead of a goal.  
-What’s some of your favorite bands and artists at the moment?

For music, all-time favourite is linkin park, for the moment its christina peri, ohland, lykke li. In the arts area, I don’t quite notice artist. Though I love disney, both their classic music and art, especially their newer generation of classics, like beauty and the beast, Little mermaid, rapunzel, etc. They have been my favourite all my life and really inspired by their character design and some of their concept art.

-Is there anything you feel people should know about you?
I feel pretty awkward around people I don’t know or that I ain’t close to. I find it difficult to make friends. It’s tough for me but I’m happy with that.

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