The trippy vibes of the 60’s and all of the psychedelic babes on posters at that time is brought back by the photography talent that is Vivace. Our celestial sun goddess wardrobe is courtesy of Motel Rocks, a team that is always killing it with rad prints of every style. Motel Rocks swimwear is phenomenal in both design and staying on trend. You can see a post I did a couple of year’s ago featuring another swimsuit here. ♥ I picked out this swimsuit from their line because I will forever be in love with all celestial beings. The print really reminded me of The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight” video. The cheeky design and sun energy gave me Bowie vibes, which led to me covering my forehead in gold glitter.

Enjoy the trip. IMG_5372-2Motel Rocks SwimwearMotel Rocks SwimwearMotel Rocks SwimwearMotel Rocks Swimwear

What I’m Wearing: Head Chain- Lord & Taylor | Round Reflective Sunglasses- Blue & Cream | Motel Rocks Swimwear in Flaming Skies- Motelrocks|

All photos taken and edited by: Vivace




I am continuously impressed by the young talent I follow in my home town everyday. I met my guest photographer sometime a few years ago through mutual friends and have always been so impressed with her artistic eye. She has a way of creating graphics reminiscent of decades past and making something magical of it. It’s as though design rolls effortlessly off of her. We met up last week and took these photos at Hart Park. I got a bit bitten up by ants and goat heads stuck in my feet, but I found myself at peace having a really fun time getting to chat causally and create art together. Once it started growing in temperature outside, we decided we had enough photos and took a drive downtown to relax and eat sandwiches after a successful shoot! Hopefully we can work together again sometime before she moves to LA in a few months. I just cannot get over how much these edits look like Lisa Frank/60’s posters!

xx Kendall


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