NY beanie, sweater, windbreaker- vintage
Choker AND velvet leggings- http://romwe.com
Nikes- http://zappos.com

Hey guys!
This is a more sportsy look for me. I really didn’t even mean to go this route as it’s something I really wouldn’t think to wear. BUT, I couldn’t find any shoes to go with this outfit. Luckily I had my running shoes out since I have been exercising lately, and so I tried them on. I figured they worked best out of everything since the orange matched one of the frogs on my sweater! From that I decided to try on the windbreaker one of my friends had given me, and I think it created this into a really cool 90s-esque look 😀 And, I found this amazing froggy sweater in the little boys section at a thrift store for only 75 cents. I’m freakin’ in love with it! Thrift store treasures, man!
What do you guys think about sportswear mixed in with outfits?
I noticed a lot of dudes have been commenting on this look on my lookbook!
Btw, me and some of my best friends went to one of those Christmas in the park thingies a few days ago. I try to go every year! This year was the exact same set up and lights as last year… and the one 5 years ago. Why they don’t change it up a little bit, I have no idea! Haha. BUT the train ride is always fun, it’s worth the numb fingers and burning cold cheeks you suffer by the end of the night.
ANTELOPE ANDY basking in a snowflake


Is it real? Bonus: Santa Claus dragon in background


Me and ALEJANDICK aka ALEJANDJOB but really… alejandro




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