On March 23rd, I got to attend the private opening event for the new NYX Cosmetics store in Bakersfield! It is so exciting that we get to enjoy a NYX store of our own in the Valley Plaza Mall. The outside had cool screens that advertised different makeup artists from YouTube and Instagram.

The entrance to the store! The PR girl’s heels behind me are AMAZING btw!!!

There was a really great outcome of people who stopped by. Quite a few were friends of mine who RSVP’d through me. 🙂 Two beauty bloggers from Bakersfield attended too, but I didn’t catch a chance to meet them! I always like meeting other creatives from my hometown.

Cleopatra Realness!!!

This girl who works at NYX Cosmetics had the most amazing eye makeup ever. Cleopatra realness! And, she is an absolute sweetheart. Overall everyone who worked that night was so nice and inviting! Everyone was beautiful, yet didn’t try to intimidate you. You could ask any of these girls about makeup and they would give you all the info you need. 🙂

Interactive Screens!

A lot of the tables included interactive screens where you can learn more about the product. They had a ton of cute internet models for the on screen content too!

I ended up buying this one. 🙂

My friend Sydney and me! A camera man from the Bakersfield newspaper photobombed us, haha.

I let my brother snap a few photos while I socialized and shopped. He ended up taking some of the best photos on this blog post!

NYX Cosmetics

Complimentary cookies and champagne included. 🙂

NYX Cosmetics

My brother and me 🙂 People always say we look extremely similar.

NYX Cosmetics NYX CosmeticsNYX Cosmetics

I believe these ladies made ‘Original Scent’, which is a candle company. One of their really great smelling candles was included in each gift bag. <3NYX Cosmetics NYX CosmeticsNYX Cosmetics

I love the name of this makeup set. Gwen Stefani is my babe!  NYX Cosmetics

This rad girl created henna art on our hands for us. She is a very sweet soul. 🙂 Henna by Nadia

NYX Cosmetics NYX CosmeticsNYX Cosmetics

My friend Antonio came to the event as well. Ugh, I am head over heels for his entire look. The makeup is perfection. AND I WANT THAT BAG 😀


NYX Cosmetics

I was so, so happy that my entire family attended the event to support me. My brother had a great time. 🙂 He’s so cute!NYX Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics

Felix Adamo took this photo of me at the NYX Cosmetics event. 🙂 He actually caught the moment that I took the selfie above this photo! Haha.

Original Source

Here is the footage I took at the event. 🙂 I still need a lot of practice vlogging! But, I am trying. Let me know what you think 🙂


Here is a video from the event too. I’m not in it, but my mom is at the end!


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