Sunglasses- Muscle Tee- Army Print Coat & Lace Shorts- Gladiator Heel Sandals-
Hey Everyone!
My brother and I sneaked into the oilfields next to my house to get these photos! These are the fields behind the gate that I usually take my alley photos near. Wish I could take them in here all of the time! It can be a bit dangerous to go in because there are coyotes, hawks, scorpions, snakes, and other feisty desert critters. We had a safe and successful venture though, only seeing a few ground squirrels and jack rabbits.
My favorite pieces of this outfit are my metallic geometric bag and gladiator sandal heels. I have always been obsessed with gladiator style shoes! I had a pair of vintage gladiator flats that had big stone emblems going down the front, but unfortunately the zipper broke. i would probably be wearing those babies still to this day.
Kendall ♥

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