Hat- Vintage Sunglasses- c/o 80spurple.com Crystal Choker- Vintage Lace Lingerie Top- Vintage Jacket- c/o Forever21.com Studded Mini Shorts- c/o dollskill.com
This outfit was meant to emit road warrior, motorcycle, bad-ass woman vibes, but maybe with more of cool chick in a music video feel. I loved combining all of the black pieces together, they gave a very stark edge to the outfit against the white lingerie top. The jacket looks slick like oil almost, a great compliment to my friendly neighborhood oilfields! The hat is a vintage piece, it’s just an old hat but I like how it has an almost black worn denim look to it. And I’m wearing some cute short shorts c/o lip service with my (well worn, but still loved) heels because I liked the leggy look for the vibe of this outfit.
The top I found with my newly made friend Larissa(who is the awesome designer and mastermind behind shopmiracleeye.com), while we were out on a spur of the moment thrift shopping excursion. I loved it so much though so she let me buy it ♥ ALSO~ I am going to be shooting for Miracle Eye today. My first shoot in LA, I am ‘v excited’.
Love y’all,

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