Head piece-
Snake ring-
Jewelry- Vintage
Fringe Bag- Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses- Old Navy

Hey everyone! 😀
I had a great day yesterday since I received this huge crate of goodies from Pacsun 🙂 I had to haul this thing into my house it was so heavy!!! Inside there were 3 pairs of pants which I LOVE since they’ll be great staple pieces for when I need to run to school! This big crazy cardigan, I literally couldn’t ask for anything better, it’s really warm and lovelovelove the black and white color scheme.

The crate came with other things such as a flash drive, a huge(HUGE) Californian flag, a limited edition painting of the Hollywood sign, and a PacSun gift card. I feel like this crate was totally made to make you and your room cool for college! Just what I needed 😉 I’m assuming most of you all reading are about college age, and so I made a small list of items that may be cute for your dorm, sticking to the theme of black white and pink, city monuments, and coolness! I really LOVE those hello kitty mouse and mouse accessories, my car has hello kitty accessories all over the place after all so of course I love them! I need to get one of those cute little guys too that provide multiple plug ins because I’ve been screwed over on not having enough outlets in my room! AH. And I included this really cool lamp, because we all need to have our light bulbs turned on when doing tedious college work, also good lighting is a must. No one wants sore eyeballs!

Well, let me know if you’d like to see more suggestions like this from me because I would be more than happy to do more! Should I start making these for my outfits also like so that you all know where to buy similar items as what I am wearing??
Just let me know what you all think peoples!


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