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What I’m Wearing:

Moto Jacket, Tights, Ballet Flats- Forever 21

80’s Pink and White Striped Dress- Rumorless Threads

Belt- Vintage

Lately I’ve been feeling like a crybaby, so I put together my own take on a party doll outfit inspired by Melanie Martinez.  Rumorless Threads sent me this cute vintage pink and white striped dress from the 80’s. I got the bow on a Christmas present from a friend last year! It’s perfect to wear with dresses and I absolutely love the big pearlescent bead in the center.

I’m really excited for the holidays, but I think that the extra stress of the season has taken a toll on my mood. When I am stressed out or overwhelmed it makes me want to cry, lie down, and forget about all of my worries. But, I have been learning to channel mind over matter and instead of running away from hard work, I approach the situation head on and try my hardest. I realized that no matter how much I pout about what’s going on in my life that life won’t change unless I take action. Just a friendly reminder not too be too hard on yourself and do your best. 🙂

xx Kendall

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