Lace up boots- Xhilaration 


Short necklace- Diy
Hat & Bracelet- thrift


Hey everyone!
Got these new pants c/o clothing loves! I decided to try wearing plaid pants since I had revered them as such a 7th grade Hot Topic fashion statement, I wanted to challenge myself to style them to my liking. I’m actually quite pleased with them! And they blend in perfectly with my precious boots I purchased from Target! Well actually I should be saying that my boyfriend bought for me 🙂 He is so sweet! He promised me a pair of Doc Martins since he had known that I really wanted some, but I was pretty disappointed with the selection of Docs I found, none of them were quite to my liking. I was really excited when I found these ones though!!! They’re just the perfect shape and feel for me, and a lovely color! I also like that they have a zipper on the side which makes them pretty easy to get on and off. and they’re only around 30$ a DRASTIC difference from the Docs hefty price. So honestly, I really recommend these boots to you all, great quality and they come in two different colors and extremely cheap! So unless you’re all about labels I would def purchase these. And I’ve owned them for about a month now, wear them a lot, and no scuffs! I’ve been meaning to talk about these in detail a long time haha forgive me. But apart from my long boot tangent, I felt like this outfit turned a little Irish with the furry hat and tartan print. What do you guys think of it? 🙂

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I made this little collage to show you all the different colors they have and links of where to purchase them. Unfortunately the glitter and pink are only available in children’s sizes, but there may be some of you with small enough feet to manage.

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