What I’m Wearing: Beanie- Cotton On, Sunglasses- Ray-Ban, Necklace- PacSun, Plaid Maxi Dress- Blue Flannel- Converse, Sandal Boots- Forever 21

Hello Friends!

I recently bought this plaid dress on my way through Forever 21, which I’ve been living in ever since. I found the dress online and left a link to it above, which I purchased in store for 22$, but it’s only 12$ online! That’s a great deal. You would be surprised as to how far a sleeveless flannel maxi dress will take you. This piece has become an essential to my closet. It can be worn as a dress or as a phenomenal layering piece. The fresh white and grey print is versatile enough to carry you throughout every season.

I went for a plaid on plaid look inspired by Boy George. (See the photo that inspired me here.) Boy George owns full credit for me making this purchase because his outfit was that great and inspirational! That is what makes a great fashion icon. Someone who takes risks, fully owns their identity, and leaves you with a lasting impression after seeing them. So, with a bit of 80’s charm and casual cool girl attitude, I give you Plaiditude!

Love you all,

Kendall xx


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