Hat & Velvet Heels- VINTAGE
Jacket C/O- http://sugarlips.com
UNIF muscle tee C/O- http://www.dollskill.com/unif-peace-bones-muscle-tank.html
Bag- Charlotte Russe
Wrap Bracelet- http://romwe.com
CoCo’s collar- http://romwe.com

Hey gals n’ pals!
Well, the pun of the title really shouldn’t take much explaining. CoCo just so happens to be getting a little internet lovins’ in this post, she well deserves it, what with all the exhausting sessions of lounging on the couch 20 hours a day. I was pleased that my Romwe collar also fit her very well, it doesn’t bother her a bit! It really does make her look like a punk chick 😉 And it makes her look even more like a little boy. Oh well, that’s the depressing life of CoCo, she can never get what she wants! I did end up giving her some mini sized doggy bones for doing this little shoot with me.
Give her some lovin’ guys!!!
Love u all♥- Me & CoCo

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