Hello Friends,

I hope that you guys are all ready for school to start soon! And, that you have a great school year as well! In high school I was always so intrigued and captivated by scene/skater/rocker styles. Today’s outfit reflects some of those interests and that makes me happy. The beanie, 2 cool 4 school sunglasses, and super mini Volcom skirt give me my skater babe vibes, the purse and jacket for some rocker kick, and the print of the swimsuit reminds me of something a scene girl may have really been into. It’s so funny that that is what I aspired to be like in middle school and some of high school, a scene girl. They were the coolest of the cool to me because their hair was so grand and admirable along with crazy makeup. They were such divas and out there in such a weird alternative style. ¬†AND THE MUSIC. Most of it anyway. I do appreciate myself a pop punk, screamo, hardcore concert. I was never in with groups like the Millionaires. Their style was a really cool look to me at the time and they were hot, but I could absolutely nothing out of their music! The bands I was always into were more like: Chiodos, My Chemical Romance, Say Anything, a lot of Fueled by Ramen (lol of course). That’s just a few, I listened to tons of other genres as well ūüôā Anyway, I have no clue why I rambled off from describing my outfit into scene girls and music, haha!

I love you all <3<3<3

What I am Wearing: Beanie- Cotton On, Sunglasses- http://incognitoinc.com/ Necklace- https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhimsOfWanderlust Galaxy Swimwear- http://www.shadowplaynyc.com/ Jacket- Forever 21 Skirt- Volcom, Heels- Romwe.com


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