Any item marked with * was gifted to me.

Little Mistress gifted me this snakeskin romper, which gave me instant city vibes!

But, this piece is not made for my body type, and that is my only beef with it. I believe you need a much longer torso for this to fit correctly! For reference, I am 5’2″ with a small chest and bigger booty. It is very quality and feels nice, but keep the length in mind when purchasing. 🙂

snakeskin romper


The snakeskin romper has a very beautiful pattern and color story. The shorts attatched to it remind me of a structured formal material.

snakeskin romper

snakeskin romper

Lately, I have been taking more photos downtown. Taking them here and in the oilfields of Bakersfield was my thing! I am getting back to that. 🙂

snakeskin romper

For the past two years of my life, I was spending a majority of my time downtown. I was practically living at a coffee shop, which only made me feel like more of a lonely person. My life had turned into pure stagnation. Living life began feeling like an anxiety riddled routine that made me want to jump out of my own skin. (cont. below)

snakeskin romper

I continuously wondered, “Is this all my life is going to be? I’m not happy.”. Taking a look in the mirror and being serious with my needs as a person completely changed my path in life. I decided that I deserve the world. In my heart I always knew that.

Now I enjoy dedicating my time to staying at home and playing with my makeup and clothing! I can now focus on my passion which is fashion blogging and taking beautiful photos. ♥ It is seriously like an art!

I do still get to enjoy friend time when my boyfriend comes to visit or when I drive out to see him. (: Once in awhile I get to hangout with my best friend, but he works two jobs and goes to school so it is rare! I love my alone time though and shopping by myself.

snakeskin romper

I am so aware that I am on a different path than anyone I grew up with in this town and people will only understand me to an extent. Growing up as a fashion blogger and getting to meet other cool girls and guys in different cities has inspired me so much. It has let me know that there are other people like me. There are people just as in love with style as I am and get it.

As much as I love little Bakersfield and the humble roots it has provided for me, I believe that I really need to move. For my own personal growth as a creative human. There are boys and girls alike here with fantastic style, but our town is so limited when it comes to the art scene. And, if there is one, it is in music and skateboarding.

snakeskin romperLiving in a city with more to see and find inspiration from would make me grow so much as a person! I love going to LA and seeing other people just as dressed up as me because it encourages me to do more. It challenges me to come up with new ideas! ♥ Like I literally get so excited seeing other people dressed up, being surrounded by beautiful art & destinations, and feeling like the world is my oyster. (Cont. Below)

snakeskin romper

The downtown environment is perfect to shoot something like this snakeskin romper in. 🙂

What I’m Wearing: Hat- Thrift Store | *Round Silver Sunglasses- Wear Me Pro | *Gunmetal Spiked Necklace- PacSun | All Makeup- NYX Cosmetics | *Snakeskin Romper- Little Mistress | Belt- Thrift Store | Fishnet Stockings- From a Lingerie Set | *Thigh High Boots- Little Mistress |

snakeskin romper

I am so happy with life right now. My belief in myself is through the roof because I know I am capable of everything. I have a few amazing friends that I cherish and support me fiercely. My boyfriend, Christian, is beautiful and the best person ever. I love the fashion blogging community I get to be a part of. My family is awesome! I’m awesome! EVERYTHING IS PRETTY PERF.

New found happiness in myself is allowing me to pursue my dreams head on. My work ethic is completely different than it has been for years. I am kicking butt and gaining so many exciting new opportunities! 🙂 I am moving in a forward direction towards all of my heart’s desires and it makes me feel complete.

snakeskin romper

These photos were taken back in April with guest photographer, Errys.

P.S. I am selling this snakeskin romper on my Vinted in a US size 2 and 4 ♥ Little Mistress said they were okay with me reselling these. Since my blog is one of my only sources of income any money spent buying clothes from me helps a lot. ♥


Love y’all,

Kendall Sanchez


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