This summer time style is inspired by the festival season and injected with bohemian vibes. The two piece I am wearing I received from a wholesale company, but after a wash it became misshapen and sad! So, I’m not going to tell you where it is from, but I will say that a majority of fast fashion online is hit or miss. The ethics behind the industry are not good either, so I say avoid shopping at those places as a whole. It’s better to spend more money on something of quality and ethically made, than to save some cash and invest in a poorly made garment. Shopping is a lot like voting. Whenever you go to a store and shop there it is like you’re making your vote to support them! Youtuber, Sammi Quinn, really ingrained that ideal into my mind. I had never heard someone talk about ethical shopping in such a way. I’ll display the video below. It really inspired me to shop smarter! And, she has fabulous taste. This particular summer time style outfit further convinced me how much I despise fast fashion. It’s so much funner, rewarding, and great for the world to thrift too. <3

Summer Time Style Summer Time Style Summer Time Style Summer Time Style Summer Time Style

What I’m Wearing: Big Black Floppy Hat | Nolita Sunglasses “On Sale!!!”- Vera Wang | Crescent Moon Ring- Gypsy Warrior | Strapless Ruched Top with Shorts- Romwe | Summer Time Style Black Lace Shawl- Vintage (Similar Valentino) | ‘Ginger’ Thigh High Boots- Little Mistress |


Photographer- Jennifer Varner

I hope that you all enjoy this outfit! My friend and her boyfriend shot these 🙂 I love how they turned out! This photo set makes me feel like Sailor Moon. I’m planning to shoot with them again when they’re back from traveling. My hair should be a different color by then too! I’m just having the hardest time deciding if I want to go more platinum or WHAT color to even possibly do! If you have any suggestions, help me out by commenting below, link a photo and share an idea <3


Kendall xx

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