Lennons- 80spurple
Sweater- sheinside.com
Collared Shirt and Pleather Shorts- Romwe.com
Polka Dot Blouse- popbasic.com

Hi everyone♥
This is a look I did back in January, I just never uploaded it! (Note the much longer hair)
So, I had decided to try the Bart trend with this sweater I received from Sheinside. I thought it was a little more interesting since it was a SUPER Bart, as opposed to the typical everyday Bart! Pulling in the whole comic scene of super heroes, I accessorized this outfit with polka-dots to resemble the spotted art that some comic strips featured. I then also tried to tie in a bit of a naughty school boy vibe with my collared shirt+pullover combo to represent Bart’s naturally very rambunctious school boy attitude! Or… maybe I just over thought this entire outfit.
Have a great day guys, hope you enjoyed this post!

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