Hat- thrift
Cross dress- http://forwardtoall.com
Skeleton hand earrings- http://www.merrinandgussy.com/
See You Monday Leggings- http://forwardtoall.com

I only have one good collage of this look!!! So sorry guys :'( I was shooting at a new location, a church across the street from my friends house, and all of his siblings were outside playing. Well, one of them is a little CRAYCRAY, like this kid has flashed me before!!! Anyway, THIS KID leads a whole group of 8 children across the street to where I am shooting and he heaves his Razor scooter over his shoulder and chucks it right at me but misses, instead it gets stuck in a wire fence. So I was like, oh shit fuck this!!! And so my brother and I ran away from the herd of children back into my car and drove away. Well, that’s all I have to say about this look!
On a happier note, http://chictopia.com chose my as their Style Icon of December! So, if you have a Chictopia account yourself, you should definitely add me!!! I would so appreciate it, my chictopia badge is in my right side bar of my blog 🙂 If you don’t you should try it out, it’s interesting because you can actually shop on there.Very different from what I’ve seen other ‘fashion communities’ do.

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