Earring- Payless
Bra- Vintage
Dress- https://www.shopwasteland.com/womens-new-dresses/Dotty-Wave-Dress
Belt- DIY
Heels- Charlotte Russe

Hey y’all!
I made this outfit as tribute to Amy Winehouse. She is one of my all time favorite singers and biggest inspirations! It’s a shame she had to leave so soon, she was a great artist and had such a great look to her. She lived the life she really wanted to though, she was definitely a woman led by her passions through life, nothing wrong with that.
 I tried to really capture her in the video Tears Dry On Their Own which I have embedded below. I love how her hair almost overpowers her entire outfit! Her hair is almost the most important asset to every one of her outfits, I took about an hour perfecting her hair using a total of three hair pieces and lots of hair brushing, hair spraying, ratting, adjusting, just a lot of tedious work!!! Shit, I’d wear my hair like this every single day if I was up for all the work. For the makeup I used ELF’s black cream liner for my eyes and Wet n’ Wild’s Bare It All lipstick. Amy also had an amazing set of tattoos and a great love for her dad, so I had my dad draw on her iconic horse shoe for me 🙂
I threw together the outfit making sure to emphasize her love of huge earrings, and taking notice of how she always wore strappy dresses with her bright lacey bras showing underneath! And she always wore cute heels! I only have one pair of heels in my closet, but thank goodness they actually matched the outfit! So, if y’all wanna do Amy for Halloween also, just remember 1)hair 2)Cat eye 3)strappy dress with bright lacey bra 4)heels
Hope y’all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together, and maybe show some appreciation to Amy today and remember her by her beautiful music and amazing style.
Hopeing you feel inspired!

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