Hello! My name is Tonya, I’m 19 years old and I currently live in the beautiful Northwest & I’m the owner of themoptop.com! (themoptop.com/ Twitter: TonyaTheMoptop/ lookbook:lookbook.nu/themoptop

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I shop a lot at thrift stores! They’re great places to find some really cool vintage pieces and it’s like a treasure hunt 🙂 I also love Forever 21 and Etsy.

What are your must have favorite items of clothing?
I have a navy polka dot dress that I am always wearing. I think it’s a simple item that can be worn so many different ways. I also love my vintage lace up boots…they go with everything too!

If you have a blog what is it focused on?
My blog is focused on my personal style and also things that inspire me when it comes to fashion.

What is your favorite season in regards of the clothing you get to wear?
I don’t really have a favorite season… but I’m looking forward to summer. I can’t wait to wear high waisted shorts and cute tops again!

What’s some of your favorite bands and artists at the moment?
The Beatles are my all time favorite! I listen to a lot of old music such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix…etc. When it comes to contemporary music I love Fleet Foxes, El Ten Eleven, The Shins, She & Him, and Youth Lagoon.

Do you have any ambitions pursuing fashion? Or are you going to pursue something else?
Yes I do! I am currently going to college to receive my Bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing/Merchandising. My dream job is to be a vintage buyer for Free People. I would also love to own my own vintage clothing store/boutique!

What are your favorite accessories at the moment?
Since it’s cold right now where I live, my favorite accessory has definitely been scarves.

What is your most treasured item of clothing?
Probably the navy polka dot dress I talked about before. I wear it so much and I love how it fits me :)

Is there anything you feel people should know about you?
Not that I can think of…but a random fact about me: I played the Trombone in band for 6 years! 🙂 haha

What brought you into having an interest in fashion?

When I was younger I used to receive Teen Vogue in the mail and I would cut out the photos and glue them on giant pieces of paper to put up in my room. I think that’s what initially got me into fashion. Then as I got older I found the Free People website and it really sparked my interest again! 

Do you have any other artistic interests other than fashion?

Yes, I love to draw and paint. I also enjoy taking photos with my film camera. 

Does anybody or anything inspire you to dress the way you do?

I am inspired by a wide variety of things. The 60s & 70s are a huge inspiration to me, pretty much anything vintage. Fashion blogs are always very inspiring as well. Alexa Chung & Zooey Deschanel are definitely my biggest style crushes lately.

This girl is seriously one of my faves! She is beautiful and dresses so adorably!
Please check her out and give her tons of support, make her your new favorite! 🙂

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