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What I’m Wearing: Floating Earrings- Emma Winston Moon Earring- Gypsy Warrior/PacSun Hat- Forever 21 Oversized Tartan Scarf- Quilted Jacket- Romwe Casual Striped Shirt-

Opaque Leggings- Foreign Exchange Cherry Red Boots- Target

The weather is especially chilly and windy this fall so bundling up has been a must for me. I never leave the house anymore without taking a coat, scarf, and warm socks. Afterall, fall fashion is all about layering while keeping it stylish. The coat I received from Romwe a couple of years ago and it is so fantastic. The tartan scarf is my life right now. It’s so soft and since it’s so big it makes a great blanket! This scarf is the only reason I am going to survive this cold season!

Lately I have just been living life. Trying on different shoes. Figuring out what I definitely do not like and what I want to spend my life doing. Fashion always makes me happy. And creativity makes my life feel like it has purpose. There is nothing else that stimulates my mind more than creativity, art, and passion. Such a cliche set of words to group together, but it is true. Nothing else makes me happier, besides my favorite human beings of course. Well, here is to experiencing my 20’s! It’s one hell of anxious roller coaster ride, but I know that I will end up where I need to be. 🙂

And, happy holidays! Here is a giveaway you can enter to win earrings from Emma Winston. I love how glam and unique they are!

Here is a 20% off code: AUDIENCE15OFF you can use at ♥

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


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