Black leggings-
Silver leggings-
Hang loose tank top & tribal tank top-
Pink & Mint sunglasses-
Colorful clutch-
Hey everyone!
 I was invited to do this super awesome collaboration with Victoria’s Secret x Chictopia in relation with their really cute leggings! The silver pair of leggings are very soft, shiny, tight, and COMFORTABLE. I think they’re the perfect thing to wear with casual outfits like tank tops and flats, but could also look super cool with a lot of layers during colder seasons like jackets, boots, ect! Casual, fresh looks really suit all of the VS leggings best. The black pair have a nice cotton feel, but a cute stripe of pleather going down sides of the legs which gives a nice needed extra something! Very comfortable. They’re also super awesome for putting together anything casual or for more extreme layering. I really do generally despise leggings because I’ve always had a problem with them being too thin or revealing, but these leggings are thick enough that I can feel good wearing them just at home or to go out and about.  I would give both leggings 5 stars, for being versatile, durable, and fashionable.
Check out the post on Chictopia HERE!

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