Hat- Forever21
Blouse & Shorts- Romwe.com
Boots- http://bit.ly/1a4gZ9b

Hey everyone~
I’m totally stoked on this awesome rose blouse I got from Romwe! I can pair it with so many things and wear red lipstick for an instantly bright and awesome outfit! I’ve always wanted some super short shorts too, they’re just so flirty and fun. If y’all order these shorts from Romwe just know that they run a little small, so get them a size bigger than you normally might!
Lately I’ve been going through some rough times, and I’m pretty sure that it’s all just part of me growing up. I’ll be twenty next year and so a lot of the world’s pressures have been bombarding my brain. I stopped going to college and I’m not sure if I should go back, at least just go to community college ya know, or look into something else completely. But, I’m really trying to slow down and just find myself right now and realize what my priorities are and aren’t. Recently I’ve been drawing a lot more which makes me EXTREMELY happy. I’ve always been a pretty creative person but never found much time to express it in other ways besides blogging, like drawing, painting, writing, ect. So, I’ve been making sure to at least delve into something artistic for at least one hour a day. I’ve also been reading a lot too! Most recent book I finished was Hairstyles of the Damned. I would recommend it! It was a pretty great book (:
Are there any readers out there?? I could totally make a book recommendation blog post! Just comment below if you’d be interested♥

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